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Sea Devil Athletics and the CFCC Foundation are proud to bring the Wilmington community the Annual CFCC Bridge to Bridge 4.0 Mile Run, 1 Mile Run and 2 Mile Riverwalk. The race is a 4-mile course that takes participants from the Isabel Holmes Bridge to the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge through some of the most scenic areas of downtown Wilmington, NC using the entire Wilmington Riverwalk. The race for scholarships takes place the first week in June and the finish line consists of a celebration with food, beverages and community supporters.

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The Multidisciplinary Team of Allied Health Professionals at TOPS Athletics & Synergy ONE work collaboratively to provide the Gold Standard for Professional Health, Wellness, Fitness, & Sports Performance Services within a single, State-of-the-Art, Community-Oriented Sports & Wellness Complex. From Young Families to Active Seniors, from Beginner Athletes to Professionals, our Evidence-Based Programs demonstrate and GUARANTEE RESULTS for individuals pursuing Health & Fitness Goals ranging from Optimal Fitness & Body Composition to Sports Performance Enhancement, Injury Prevention, & Rehabilitation. We measure OUR SUCCESS by YOUR SUCCESS. Regardless of your Fitness Level, Needs, or Goals, we have the Knowledge, the Experience, the Professional Team, and the Comprehensive Network to Safely & Effectively deliver the Results you Desire!


Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced certified professionals to discuss your personal Health, Fitness, & Sports Performance goals and learn how our gold-standard testing & assessment processes combined with our evidence-based programs can GUARANTEE your success!



Our popular TOPS Strength & Conditioning Groups Sessions and TOPS Functional Fitness Classes consist of an hour of integrated fitness training optimized to give you a powerful strength training exercise experience. In every session, we focus on development of core stability, balance, optimal joint mobility, muscular endurance & strength, aerobic & anaerobic energy systems, and flexibility.

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The TOPS stands for Together Optimizing Performance & Strength, and the ONE in Synergy ONE stands for Optimal Nutrition & Exercise. These acronyms represent our multidisciplinary team approach to providing our clients with the comprehensive information, instruction, tools, & support necessary for achieving optimal levels of Health, Wellness, Fitness, & Sports Performance.



In an effort to keep our focus on YOU, our client, we utilize a Virtual Receptionist & Company Directory to provide you with quick & easy, specific direction to reach the Department, Coach, or Staff Member of your choice. There is also the option to simply press “0” at anytime to speak with our Client Service Manager. The extensions in the Company Directory will ring you directly to the associated Team Member. We appreciate your support of our efforts to keep the focus on providing the highest possible level of service to our clients, YOU, while in our facility.

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