1. Stretch It Out: The Importance Of Flexibility

    When you think about “working out,” what comes to mind? Many people picture someone running on a treadmill, a person lifting weights, or someone sprinting on an indoor cycle. While it’s true that these are all different ways of working out, we often forget about stretching and how important flexibility is in our workouts and training. We are all told that it is important to stretch before an…Read More

  2. Why To Incorporate Cardio Into Your Workout Routine

    When it comes to working out, everyone is different. Some people absolutely love cardio, while others prefer to hit the weights and will do everything in their power to avoid the treadmill. Whatever the case may be, there are multiple benefits of including cardiovascular exercise in your workout routine. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, f…Read More

  3. The Importance of Warming Up

    Getting to the gym is an accomplishment! There comes a great deal of determination to get yourself off the couch, get motivated after work or simply finding the desire to get there deserves a pat on the back. When you get to the gym, it’s important to recognize that you can’t just jump right into a workout. Though you may be tight on time, warm ups are incredibly important to a safe and succes…Read More

  4. Why The Gym is Great for Your Mental Health

    Changing your daily routine to include a visit to the gym can be quite a battle. It can sometimes be even harder than a workout at the gym itself. However, going to the gym is extremely important for both your mental and physical health. At Tops Athletics, we offer a state-of-the-art gym and fitness center with fitness classes to help you maintain proper physical health. Working hard in the gym an…Read More

  5. Beneficial Pre-Workout Foods

    When it comes to getting in shape, working out is half the battle. To truly get the most out of your gym session, a portion of your success is dependent upon your ability to apply discipline and habits in the decisions you make about eating. You can work to burn off  various amounts of calories, but legwork needs to be done in a proactive sense as well. TOPS Athletics provides a state-of-the-art …Read More

  6. The Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

    Getting yourself to workout or attend an exercise class can be quite the challenge. You realize that your day is full of other responsibilities, whether it be with your work or your personal life. You also realize the importance of exercise to contribute to your overall health, but fail to do anything about it. Because fitness is an essential aspect of your overall health, it is imperative that yo…Read More

  7. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new TOPS Athletics website! Stay tuned for updates...…Read More