The TOPS Athletics Sports & Wellness Complex was developed to provide a single destination for families in our community to have access to the highest-level of professional Health, Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition, Sports Performance, & Sports Medicine services available! With time being our most valuable but limited resource, and for parents with team sports aged kids who often have to be in two places at one time, the TOPS Complex is your solution to your entire family’s fitness & wellness needs.

While school-aged kids are practicing sports on our Indoor & Outdoor Turf Fields, your preschool children can be participating in our Activity-Based Childcare while you take time for yourself to indulge in any one of our outstanding programs. When you’re not working out you can relax and enjoy a Vitamix smoothie or nutritious prepared meal in our Wi-Fi Lounge & Cafe!

Our goal is to accommodate the entire workout community. From the beginner to the “weekend warrior”, from young athletes to Professional & Olympic athletes, and from young parents to great grandparents, TOPS Athletics has everyone’s workout goals in mind!

Are you ready to get in the best fitness shape of your life? TOPS Athletics caters to your fitness, weight loss, and sports needs to provide you with an optimal, quality, and effective fitness programs. Make your fitness dreams a reality today! Contact TOPS Athletics now.