TOPS Functional Fitness Classes:

Our popular TOPS Functional Fitness Classes consist of an hour of evidence-based, integrated fitness training. In every session, we focus on activation of the core musculature, developing stability (balance) & mobility (joint range of motion, aka “flexibility”), muscular endurance, strength, & power, and both the aerobic & anaerobic energy systems.

The framework of our TOPS Functional Fitness Class format is high-intensity resistance intervals, or resistance-based circuits. Each session typically consists of:

  • 8-10 exercises designed to target the specific muscle group split of that day, ie chest & back, legs & shoulders, total-body, etc.
  • 4 primary “core” (compound, multi-joint, functional exercises, ie squat, bench press, lunge, pull up, etc) lifts
  • 2 “accessory” (isolation, single-joint, ie bicep curl, tricep press down, etc) exercises
  • 2 bodyweight or machine-based cardio stations.

These are all organized in a specific sequence to optimize the best workout possible. We commonly implement 3:1 Work:Rest ratios with 45 second Work intervals and 15 second Rest (transition) periods between stations (exercises). You will complete 3-4 rounds (circuits) lasting 8-10 minutes with 3-5 minute recovery periods between rounds.

TOPS Functional Fitness Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 clients/participants with 2 TOPS Coaches, providing for a more intimate and individually focused fitness class. Our goal is to teach & coach optimal form, technique, & bio-mechanical movement patterns to prevent injury & enhance performance, so we keep the groups limited to 8 participants to maintain a 4:1 client-to-coach ratio to insure that every client is closely supervised, spotted, cued to proper form & technique, & motivated!

By our evidence-based design, the TOPS Functional Fitness Classes are the most effective & efficient hour of comprehensive fitness…period. From the beginner who has decided to take action and adopt Optimal Nutrition & Exercise as their new lifestyle, to the collegiate or professional athlete in the off-season needing to maintain their well-rounded fitness level and lean body composition, the classes are completely scalable providing options for every level of fitness. Based on the extensive background information we collect, and with the results from the variety of baseline assessments & tests that we take each client through, we meet you right where you are and start you out SAFELY on a gradual progression from your personalized, goal-oriented & data-driven exercise prescription (ExRx), fitness plan, or training program.

TOPS Functional Fitness Class Prices

  • Individual Class (Walk-In) $20ea

*Package discounts available